Interview with Jessica: El Cine del Patio Trasero

We think conversation is one of the most fun parts of language learning. On Thursdays, we switch languages and ask each other questions to learn more about Tuesday’s topic. Today, Roberto interviews Jessica about her backyard movie experience. You can read Jessica’s original post in Spanish here

Roberto: What did you think about the experience of watching a movie in your yard?  
J: It was great! I love having people over, and it is especially fun to have a project. We set up the projector and surround sound in the afternoon and then waited until dark to watch the movie.

R: Do you think you’ll host a backyard movie again?
I hope to do it a few more times at least throughout the summer. The set up isn’t too involved now that we have a way to hang the screen on the porch.

20180602_220413R: Did you like the movie?
Jessica: Yes, I had seen parts of it before, but this was my first time watching it all the way through. It’s a sweet story about family and art. I enjoy watching it with Jacob because he likes it so much and he will sometimes point out things I hadn’t thought of.

R: Where else can you see movies in Missoula (e.g. movie theaters, outdoor cinema etc.)?
J: There are several options. A few blocks away from my house, there is a small movie theater showing a wide range of old and new movies. They host some of the local film festivals as well. There is a large theater showing new blockbusters and a new dinner theater, where you can see new movies and order food and drinks during the show. And in the summer, one of the neighborhood associations runs an outdoor cinema at one of the elementary schools with a different movie every weekend.

R: Do you usually go to the movies or do you watch them at home?
J: Most often, we like to watch movies at home. When the projector is not outside, it is in the living room, so we have access to the big screen whenever we want. I do enjoy going to the movies, though. I would like to make a habit of going to see movies at the Roxy, the small theater by my house.


R: What kinds of movies do you like to watch? What is one of your favorites?
J: I like most movies once I sit down to watch them, anything from adventure to musicals. One of my favorites, though, is Twelve Angry Men. It is an old movie about a jury for a murder case. It all takes place in one room, so you wouldn’t think it would be so engaging, but the storytelling and acting are both excellent.

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