Current Musical Projects

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been exposed to instruments and music at home. My grandpa dedicated practically his whole life to music, and my dad is an amateur guitar player. As far as I am concerned, I always thought that it was a great idea to ask my father to show me how to play. I was 13, and some friends and I wanted to start a band to play at the end-of-year party at school.

Discovering the guitar

That project failed, but a few months after that, we still had our band. Since then, I’ve never stopped playing and I‘ve been able to play with different styles of bands and projects, such as some of the gigs I’m involved with this month. For one project, my band Gypsy y los Gatos Rumberos are recording new and innovative tracks. We are looking for some new sounds and working with a musical producer. So far, we’re really with the results. At the beginning of the month, though, we had to take a break from recording for a show. It was awesome because we were playing at Palau de la Música, which is a big theater in Valencia, and we love to play there!


A second project I’m involved with is a new play. It is something that I like doing because is another different way of playing than in a band. I usually play with some friends in these kind of performances, but in this case I had to play alone. One of the things I liked was that I could play classical themes that I just play at home: Erik Satie, Tarrega, etc… It was nerve-wracking to play alone in front of the audience, but I like going out on a limb sometimes, so it was a good challenge.

13 de abril de 2019_PATRICIA_566.JPG
My shadow playing for Patricia

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