Going for a run (Corrections)

These are the corrections and explanations for Roberto’s post “Going for a run”

Roberto wrote, “I didn’t need anything more,” replaced with “I was all set”

“all set” is an idiom used to mean “ready to go” or “all finished.” “I didn’t need anything more is grammatical, but sounds less colloquial.


Roberto wrote, “you can be running in a path on the countryside,” replaced with  “you can be running on a path in the countryside”

These prepositions are challenging because both can be used at different times to talk about both time and location. You use “in” when you are talking about a time or location that is bigger or more general. For example, large time periods like centuries, decades, years or months and locations like countries, cities, or neighborhoods. If you want to get more specific and refer to a date or a street, you would use “on.”


Roberto wrote, “Since this point,” replaced with “from this point”

“Since” indicates a beginning, often in time, while “from” indicates a distance or place. When describing consecutive events in a trip like this, “from there” would be even more common than “from this point.”


Roberto wrote, “When I took this route for hiking,” replaced with “When I hiked this route”

The original is not incorrect, but using hiked as a verb makes for a much tighter sentence.


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